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613 Southeast Parkway,
Azle, Texas
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+1 817-444-3221

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  • I have been dealing with domestic issues for weeks including within the sharade, multiple instances involving inappropriate use of Azle Police personnel by a household member with mental ailments. In the hand full of dispatches to our home, they have been as effective in their moral and constitutional obligations and maintained a level of professionalism you expect to see not from a Texas town the size of Azle, but could parallel the relevancy to a group like the FBI. I have given the clear, truthful, and appropriate actions that establish the respectful and unobtrusive environment in which, by the way, allow for them to strive and gain affirmation of which paths and subjected authority to implement. While most matters and senerios unfolding in our issues are of a civil matter, the refrain and respect to the apparent illness of one family member involved outshined what many other peers the Azle police officers and involved folks share around other parts of our community and our nation... And let us not forget as I commend those who responded to my call to help in a matter of 3-4 minutes in relation to the time of call, that yourself and others may disagree with the politics and personal engagement with police. You may even deem them racists or power hungry... Please don't forget one thing of these men and woman. When the fire is set, the fists, knives, bullets, and cars go flying... they too, as a veteran myself has done, have signed a check payable to the sum of their lives in the returned investment that in itself remains charitable and given with the spirt of love for ones community, our nation, and it's Constitutional foundation that makes those who have that checked cashed, fallen members of our community that have simply performed a valueless deed that Jesus my Father calls the most loving act a man can do for another... So please keep in mind that we should never wish those checks to be in need of cashing, but while most run from conflict, they run to the conflict. They are all heros regardless of personal valor because they are a team... wearing one uniform, with the same oath, and the willimgness to sacrifice themselves in the attempt to keep our schools, hospitals, parks, businesses, homes, and streets protected and in order. They are public servants in a upmost undebatable fashion with the clear design to uphold the laws of our lands which have been confused with subjection amd suppression... for the law is not to disable and control we the people, it is to establish the boundries to which the government must stay within and focus their commanded obligations to uphold and apply. Laws to which are designed to bring clear outline and expectations to which we hold our community standards and our moral existence as positively providing citizens of the United States. I pray that those who had helped me stop and apprehend that needy young lady who had attempted to kill my spouse, herself, and me in a fury of flames can answer that to which they are obligated to. Justice... and justice is not three hots and a cot in this case. Justice is the enforcement and established ruling in the court of law that this young lady is not acting out of criminal intent. That she is mentally ill and requiring professional help within our mental illness facilities and in need of state allotments for the treatment of what truly underlines her actions... I will always respect those who serve oyr community. But I ask that the focus remains true to its word and we seek the route alien to some... please, for the person who was targeted for murder but foiled it, please give pity and use your wisdom to light the proper way to treat this young lady... my sister... please love her and forgive her, because in her mind, life is over and empty... we can't fill that void with the wickedness of incarceration. She needs mental, physical, and spiritual healing that you are entitled to enforce and establish with the power of our nations laws. If I can forgive her, do our family justice. -Christopher US Army Vet.
    By Christopher Fonte, August 06, 2017
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    The police won't do nothing about my problem. My stuff was stolen by the apartment manager for extra money. She kicked me out without a 30 day notice.
    By Catrina Gable, February 07, 2017
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    Azle police dont want to engage in protecting Azle from meth labs and theives. Better, they seem to think, to round up minor offenders and deprive their families of income. I sincerely hope all Azle PD collectively eat aids ridden shaft and die. Toodles.
    By ben cruz, January 01, 2017
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    The most ridiculous department. They speed everywhere they go. They think they are above the law
    By Crazy Cousins AWESOME, October 01, 2016
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